Saturday, June 04, 2005

You didn't hear about the 'Sideways' sequel?

Maggie says:
I already loved Sideways. I saw it twice in the theater and thought that as usual Alexander Payne did an amazing job of telling a story that was biting and aching and tender and bittersweet and hilarious and sad all at once. Plus, the wine humor combined with failed writer humor are right up my alley.

But watching the DVD commentary of Sideways is so funny that it left me crying I was laughing so hard. It's so good it's like a movie unto itself. Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church grace us with their witty selves as they hang out and watch their movie together. What they mostly do is sit back and make fun of themselves and each other, profess adoration of their female co-stars, and also offer some great insight into their characters.

When the movie came out I wrote this piece on m-pyre about how refreshing it was to see real-looking people in a movie. But Giamatti and Church take their "real" appearances to task in two hours of jokes that basically make fun of how they look. In the sex scene, Church describes his ass as "two pillows filled with milk" and describes himself throughout the movie as being "in my fertile crescent of middle-aged doughiness." The funniest Giamatti line is "I'm working on a pair of perky man breasts, aren't I?" When Church agress, Giamatti fires back with "It's my gift to America, frankly."

These two cracked me up during this commentary and come across as real people who genuinely like each other and loved working on this movie. This was the first time I ever watched an entire movie's worth of commentary. As good as this was, I think I'll start poring through my DVD collection to see what other commentary gems I might have.


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