Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Alibi's Haiku Contest

Mikaela says:
This week's Alibi just hit the stands (but not the website yet, dammit), and it's well worth the time it takes to open and flip.

Coupla reasons:
  1. A nice summary and great pic of our boys, ABQ Poetry Slam Champions
  2. Winners of the Annual Haiku Contest (chock fulla puns! -- Haiku-ka-choo)

Some faves:

ABQ Haiku
Saint Goat-Head christens
Your holey bicycle tires,
The soles of your shoes.
-- Anastasia Andersen

Fish stick Haiku:
A fish stick is like
A British man: pasty white
With a crusty shell.
--Erin Barringer

Iraq War Haiku:
Perennial lies
Spiral from the highest branch.
Deciduous Bush.
--Sue McGilpin

Haiku Haiku (all reflective and shit):
Damn thee, vile haiku:
Syllabic ineptitude,
Poetry's cheap whore.
--Jamie Larkin

I know two poems,
One is "the road not taken,"
the other isn't.
-- Tony Santiago

Miscellaneous but Brilliant Haiku:
The first insect bike
race, my kitchen's Tour de Ants
Leading ... Ants Armstrong.
--Jarett Stotts (6th grader, Sandia Prep -- damn, at least they're teaching something right!)

My favorite all-time haiku by ABQ native poet Kenn Rodriguez was NOT included, but I'll add it here for your reading pleasure:

When I told you I
loved you, what I really
meant was blah blah blah.


Blogger mjae said...

I missed a good one about ABQ:

Pandas for the zoo,
Soaring Balloon Museum:
Ling-Ling and Bling-Bling.
—John L. Orman

5:30 PM  

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