Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Horoscope Time Again

We need all the direction we can get lately.

This from the very m-pyrical Brian Francis at Planet Waves Astrology (hey, man, don't knock it till it knocks you over).

Aries (March 20-April 19)
What's yours is yours, but we don't really have what we cannot share. Before long, that will become obvious enough, though what may be more difficult to accomplish is getting over the feeling that others h
ave more to offer than you, thus, they should be offering it to you. The issue is not really a material question; rather, at its essence, it's one of loyalty. And at the heart of that is loyalty to yourself. I suggest you take a good look at everyone to whom you pledge your devotion, and those who give theirs to you. Can you see any patterns, or can you take any messages from these situations? Is there anything out of balance, for example, your taking for granted certain people to whom you could show much more appreciation? If so, this is an easy situation to remedy; appreciation is free, but both giving and receiving it are a truly precious gift.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
The next six or eight weeks arrive with a series of turning points and moments of truth regarding where you are, and how this relates to who you are. As usual, the crux of the issue of where you call home has something vital to do with your relationships, and maintaining a sense of balance within them. The truly surprising discovery may be that you don't have to do anyth
ing, or go anywhere, for certain long-overdue changes to occur. But then, Uranus in Pisces does offer a kind of worldwide lure to adventure, which you would be wise to allow a voice, and take for a long run in a big field. At its essence, the astrology of early autumn is a reminder to keep your ideas about life loose, not take the opinions of others too seriously, and to make your mark on the world where it matters most -- in your own heart and soul.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
It may seem a paradox that in times when you have the most, you have the most to risk and the most to lose. But it's not a paradox at all; change would be meaningless if it did not involve a form of exchange, and some degree of risk. Progress is not just a matter of accumulation. At a certain point, one must offer oneself entirely to the process, though it helps considerably if one has a sense of self to bring to the experience. At the moment you have that if you have nothing else, which is extremely unlikely. Your life right now is like a partnership with existence in which you arrive with a portion of the assets, and life brings the rest. But until you ante up, you're likely to be left with an idea of who you are rather than a tangible, physical sense of the real thing. And every encounter with anyone is an opportunity to do so.


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