Wednesday, October 17, 2007


M-pyrical is no more... It'll rest here for all eternity, but for fresh posts visit us at m-pyre, where we're folding in all that was m-pyrical with the best of what's always been m-pyre. Enjoy, and let us know how we're doing!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Seeing Stars - final m-pyrical post...

Mikaela says:
It's that time. With our third anniversary of m-pyre, we're shutting down m-pyrical.

This will be the last horoscope posting on this page. Sniff, sniff...

Happy October, everyone!

Aries (March 20-April 19)
If it seems a never-ending quest to keep the peace at home and at work, remember what the two have in common. The bonds that tie people together are remarkably similar no matter what the setting, though we allow some to become more intimate than others (or deem them so). Depth or passion does not change the basic necessities of communicating our expectations, of stating grievances out loud, and most meaningful of all, asking for assistance when the burdens of life become too heavy to carry alone. You need to guard against what is in truth baseless insecurity about yourself; you may at times swing through extreme moods and decide one day that you're king of the mountain and another day notice you're struggling for any sense of worth. If you are defensive and protective, you will likely feel less safe. If you seek cooperation, balance and honesty, you will find that these things come to you with surprising ease and grace -- even if at certain times during the next few months you display no such qualities.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Mars is now in your birth sign, where it will remain well into 2008. (Mars turns retrograde in Cancer Nov. 15, so it spends about six months of its two-year orbit in your sign.) This is your invitation to focus your intentions and experiment with the power of desire. Note that this era doesn't appear to be a transient phase of your life, but rather a threshold to a new understanding of yourself and how you can relate to your world: directly. You are soon to learn that you're more likely to get what you desire than what you don't desire. The key to this equation is to make your desires conscious, and to learn how to cancel the ones you don't want or need. This will require a constant exercise in awareness, and then the additional step of making choices. Part of what you sort out are your past desires from your current ones; all while making room for what you may want in the future. As you do this, remember: feeling secure is more of a choice than a matter of chance.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
All the potential you have been secretly brewing these months and perhaps years is getting ready to hatch, or is at the moment coming out of its shell. Can you feel it? Well, it may not feel so thrilling; it may however feel like this huge pressure to come to terms with yourself, like there is something you must reckon with complete honesty. That urge to be boldly, blatantly honest with yourself is the feeling of being reborn. I suggest you give it a try, or another try -- let out whatever you are holding in, even if it's into a notebook, anonymous blog or digital recorder. To some, Saturn's presence in their sign may seem to be sending the message that you must wait, contemplate, and organize yourself. I get a different message: wake up, and let go of the past -- and quickly. Be aware from your attempts to reach your truth of all that is outmoded in your life. Use your brain; consider your own thoughts; state your priorities. Last month's solar eclipse in your sign started a process that will continue for the next six months, at least.