Friday, June 24, 2005

Ode to genius girls

Maggie says:
Everyone who knows me knows that I adore my three girl cousins. Introducing Zoe, 9, Sophie, who turned 12 today, and Sally, 9, three residents of Kitty Hawk, NC, right here on the beach. These three are just the most brilliant, fun, and beautiful girls I've ever known. And I'm related to them!

Here's an example of why they're such geniuses: whereas it usually takes me about a year to successfully explain what "planning" is to a professional type, these girls just get it. We were all swimming in the ocean the other day and after confirming that yes, I'm still getting a master's in community and regional planning and no, I still haven't finished my thesis, these three came up with not one but three job possibilities for me if I moved back to NC. And get this: they're not the typical, boring building code/zoning possibilities most people suggest (I know, I know, both of those things can be cutting edge, they're just not cool to talk about) - these are three kick ass job ideas. Here's my best attempt at quoting their mutual brainstorm about my future:
1. "You could help out the farmers in Washington County who are losing their land and having a really hard time farming."
2. "You could make sure the OLF (Outlying Landing Field, basically a practice field the Navy has been trying to locate in northeastern NC on exisiting farmland) doesn't get built on someone's home."
3. "You can work for the beach and help stop all this development and the tourists from ruining everything."

Maybe one day I'll be as smart as these three. :-)


Blogger marjorie said...

They are some sharp cookies. Tell them hello for me -- and that the ghost of Heron Lake send his regards as well!

4:57 PM  

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