Thursday, September 08, 2005

Very Exciting New Book

Mikaela says:
I got a fabulous birthday surprise today at m-pyre's favorite coffeeshop, RB Winning. A guy was reading a NEW BOOK BY BRIAN GREEN, author of the amazing Elegant Universe, which I've tried to get all my nerd friends to read. I admit it! I'm a quantum physics junky. But I don't really get it. I get flashes, and when I do, dear god, it's beautiful! That's how I feel about calculus, too, by the way.

Hot off the February 2005 presses (that's still pretty hot for mainstream science books, come on!) is his Fabric of the Cosmos.

I'm dying... Sniff sniff. Gulp.

Even more incentive to finish this &*!@%^$& thesis.

This author is clear, concise, and makes reading about physics as easy as Dan Brown makes reading about art history in the DaVinci Code. I can't wait! Except I have to ...


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