Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Horotime -- January

Mikaela says:
Halfway through the month already! How did we make it through our days without deep, intuitive horoscope knowledge from Brian Francis?

Professional ambitions need to play second fiddle to community concerns, but the two don't contradict one another. You need to be thinking about the specific role you need to play, rather than all that is possible. The idea of need is based, in part, on what your environment is calling for, but to a greater extent, on what you're specifically prepared for and ready to offer. This is likely to be something that you have thought of many times but perhaps deemed yourself unworthy of or unqualified for. You still may not feel ready for what you know you really must do, but this is not the time to hedge or hesitate. In truth, few people are ready for their greatest achievements when the time comes. But I can assure you that you are in fact ready, if you will do the other part, which is make sure you are truly willing.

Climate change is now a high priority on the global agenda. As one born under the sign of the Crab, you are among the most sensitive people to your environment, including the psychic environment. Is that inner, or outer? Well, it is really both. But please keep your focus on what is really inside you. Maintain the awareness that serves you so well, particularly with the increasing intensity of your relationships and commitments, both personal and professional. In every area of your life, the pace is quickening. This is less a time to be a hero and more a time to be the calm, steady captain of your ship. As such, you need to make conscious, basic decisions as regards your happiness and wellbeing. Particularly where a health concern is involved, the more gentle, less invasive and energy-oriented approaches will get the results you want.

You have just as many reasons to feel good about yourself as not. You have just as many reasons to trust life as you have to be scared. What will make the difference for you? There are a number of factors, the first being where you choose to find your pleasure. Humans are strange critters. We need pleasure so desperately that we will even begin to discover it in aspects of life that don't feel good, or in withholding pleasure and comfort from ourselves. I suggest you continue your long migration away from this quality of human nature, and cultivate something new. I suggest you move away from seeking gratification from any extreme, and rather find comfort in what is earthy, sensory, nourishing, natural and understandable to you. In doing so, you will cultivate these same qualities in yourself.


Blogger Maggie said...

$^%$@# this guy!!! He scares me!

Okay, 'fess up. Marjorie, Mikaela, are one of you Brian Francis? It's the only possible explanation!

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