Tuesday, February 28, 2006

HELP: Local Band Suggestions Needed!

Mikaela says:
I'm looking for something specific.

I need a cheesy lounge act for an office party. The theme will be 70s Cruise a la Love Boat.

Not a lot of space, so must be small and fairly quiet. But fun. Funny. Out there.

Does Albuquerque have such a thing?

Good but not too good?

Ponder, people, and get back to me, okay?


Anonymous Gene said...

...I'm shocked, SHOCKED, no has suggested Vanilla Pop. They work out of Taos, but I saw them a month back at The Martini Grill.

The first time I saw them I just about broke a rib laughing...until the dance floor filled. Cheesy covers, an incredibly funny lounge "act," but at the end of the day, harmless fun...and they're good at it.

Exactly what mjae is looking for:

11:58 PM  

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