Thursday, July 28, 2005

Embarrassed... only a little bit

Maggie says:
I hadn't watched TV since May. May. But this week, in between celebrating the completion of a big work project, I've been reuniting with the small and formerly silent box sitting on my bookcase, reveling in all my free time. Now, just four days into the week, I have a new obsession, one that I'm kind of embarrassed about but fully prepared to qualify. I'm talking about Rock Star: INXS.

Yes, I know all the objections, primarily that this show is a betrayal of a once-great band and a slap in the face to its late lead singer, who will be replaced at the end of this show with one of the contestants. I thought that, too - before I saw it.

But the thing is, this show is great. Really! Here's the deal: there are now ten contestants left, half men and half women. They're good. They sing with a real band, there's a real audience, and the members of INXS judge them afterwards. The difference between this show and a show like American Idol is first, these aren't teeny-bopper types you're watching, they're pretty cool men and women who are great musicians. And second, you don't have to suffer through deplorable Whitney Houston songs on this show, you get to watch them sing great songs, songs from Nirvana, Squeeze, the Kinks, and David Bowie. The only negative aspect is the annoying Brooke Burke and self-important Dave Navarro, but the focus of the show really is on INXS.

Danger: I discovered to my horror that this show comes on three nights a week. I am really going to try and not watch it on Monday, but Tuesday is when they perform and then on Wednesday it's elimination night. This brings up another point: the elimination night is actually cool because it's all about INXS. The bottom three performers (those with the lowest votes from people watching) have to perform an INXS song that the band chooses for them, and then the band decides who they would least like be their newest lead singer, and that person (or people, like last night) are gone.

So yes, this is a cheesy post about a cheesy subject, but sometimes our brains just need a break. I know mine does. And at least this way I get to remember what a great band INXS was and (according to their plan, I'm sure) listen to their music more. So try watching this on Tuesdays. Think of it as American Idol: But Not Cheesy, or American Idol: Songs You Can Stomach, or maybe just INXS: I Love This Band. Anyway, watch it. And then I can say I told you so.

PS: My favorite rockers? Jordis and Mig.


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