Friday, December 02, 2005

What We're Doing This December

Brian Francis predicts (via Planet Waves):

A 'grand cross' will be repeated in early November and will make additional appearances in early December and mid January. For you, this represents a development area in your capacity for giving yourself credit where it's due. If you can do that, others will too. The world is poised and waiting to meet you on the level you respect, and to value your creations, your desires and indeed your existence. Your recent efforts at untangling yourself, at really making a commitment to how you feel about yourself and your life, are achievements of this distinctive era in time. In our world it's easy to decide that nothing matters. I doubt you would ever take that approach. That is good for everyone.
Finally, some new and different doors are opening. I see a mix of gateways to inner vistas and worldly ones. This is all the sweeter when you've endured a long era when meeting even your most basic needs seemed to require a key and map you could never quite find, or rules you could never follow. I'll repeat one of my favorite Patric Walker quotations yet again, which is that Saturn always gives more than he takes away. What Saturn has bestowed for the past three years, and what you are likely beginning to feel now, is that patience, endurance and optimism really are the best policy for living. And even though there were times when people seemed unwilling or unable to give you what you needed, those who can live on sand and stones are also the ones who appreciate the smallest fruit.
You are the master of the niche; the highly specialized role with which nobody can compete, and few can imagine is possible, yet what many need. There is a catch, though. What having a singular place in the world does is withhold from you many benefits of relating to others as a sport. And there is much to be said for healthy competition, team playing, and a bit of rough and tumble for its own sake. You can do quite well for yourself in a state of isolation, but it's way, way too easy for you to lose touch with the larger reality of life around you. Therefore you must be content to be different, and to assess your effectiveness in a way that is fair, and be willing to do so without making too many comparisons. As you well know, comparisons bring you down, but that's only because they are inaccurate measures of anything even worth considering. You stand on your own merits, and you always have.
Such excitement!


Blogger Maggie said...

Damn! My horoscope is like a shot to the heart this month -- talk about nailing it. The perfect forecast for a time of job-seeking and self-reflection, I'd say.

And you two's seem to nail you as well... This guy freaks me out. How, oh how, does he KNOW?

5:16 PM  

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