Saturday, January 28, 2006

Movie madness

Maggie says:
Life events have given me a bounty of free time the past few weeks. And you know the saying: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." So what has my lemonade been? One word: movies! Here's what I've seen so far this month:
  • Brokeback Mountain (heartbreakingly beautiful)
  • Walk the Line (solid music and acting, much respect to Joaquin)
  • Broken Flowers (love Bill Murray, adore Jeffrey Wright)
  • The Girl in the Cafe (three movies in one, weirdly)
  • The World (themes resonate stronger over time, so glad I saw this)
  • Match Point (Scarlett is sexy, high society is not)*
  • The Constant Gardener (riveting, colorful, poignant, right-on)
  • Hustle and Flow (mesmerizing, drenched in Memphis, but never using easy stereotypes)
  • Junebug (absolutely charming, the first time I've heard a real Eastern NC accent on film)
  • Tarnation (takes you to the breaking point, but so worth it)
  • UPDATE: January isn't over yet! Transamerica (Road trip with a twist, major props to Felicity, a really brave film, even though it's suprisingly lighthearted)
Don't even get me started on my nerdy PBS diet. Let's just say, if anyone needs a refresher course on the French and Indian War, shoot me an e-mail... :-)

What have you all seen?

*More to say on Match Point later. A friend called it "the triumphant return of Woody Allen." I enjoyed it, but think Woody narrowly avoided some really ugly gender politics.


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