Wednesday, February 08, 2006

February's Stars

Mikaela says:
Brian Francis continues to amaze. He’s a star-shit expert. With m’s pegged. I mean dead-on target. Eerie! Eerie, I tell you! Wanna know yours? Be amazed here.

ARIES: You may not know how you're going to navigate or even find the turning point you feel approaching, but I suggest you go entirely on intuition. From where you are now, you cannot get to the wrong place. Though there is an element of chance involved, that's the opening through which a rare kind of awareness will enter the equation of your life. Move slowly rather than quickly; look in all directions rather than straight ahead. Remember to look up and down. You are anticipating a turn to the left or the right, when really the curve develops in an entirely different direction. Likewise, if you find yourself expecting certain specific outcomes, you'll only get in the way of the wide diversity of possibilities that are making themselves available to you now. Just because you cannot see them, or even conceive of them, does not mean they're not there.

CANCER: There's no way to know for certain whether a developing financial arrangement will work out the way you anticipate, but you can take one step at a time and make your moves entirely on trust. The mystery is greater than you think, and the potential for exchange and for gain is greater than you think. There are new factors in an old equation that will focus and move energy despite the fact that little has seemed to work in the past. As for potential loss? This is always possible, but certain lessons you've learned in the past six months will be instructive in helping you maintain sufficient clarity to see the way things are developing and avoid all the more obvious errors, assuming you keep the counsel of the people you have come to trust for their feedback and clarity. Remind yourself often: you're not in this alone.

VIRGO: It may seem like one particular idea you're working with is meeting only obstacles and competing influences from what seem like more important responsibilities. Note, first, the existence of a belief that precisely this will happen once you start to open up to your deeper levels of creative power. It's a common situation that creative people face, particularly those with an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. This may seem frustrating until you recognize that the delay or snag is merely a testament to the power of your mind. Though it's not an absolute, to a great extent, what you deem to be true will apparently be that way. I suggest you put some genuine effort into determining what you believe, and deciding consciously what you want to believe. Despite the overwhelming level of activity in your life, you do have space to stop and consider these things. In fact, that's the missing ingredient.

Big P.S.: GIRLS, I think Brian Francis may be HOT!?!


Blogger Maggie said...

nah. he's a little too '90s Agassi for me.

(follow andre's lead. embrace the balding and take it all off, men of the world!)

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