Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscars redux

Maggie says:
So if anyone's wondering, M3 and Friends are really, really, really annoyed and pissed that Crash won Best Picture. More later, after I can stand to write about it...


Blogger Maggie said...

This article sums my pissiness up pretty well.

An excerpt: "'Crash' is like a Creative Writing 101 demonstration of what not to do as a writer. To the Academy this meant two things: Best screenplay and best picture."

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Gene said...

...and this excerpt from the LA Times summed it for me:

"...[Crash] at its core, [is] a standard Hollywood movie, as manipulative and unrealistic as the day is long. And something more.

For "Crash's" biggest asset is its ability to give people a carload of those standard Hollywood satisfactions, but make them think they are seeing something groundbreaking and daring.

It is, in some ways, a feel-good film about racism, a film you could see and feel like a better person, a film that could make you believe that you had done your moral duty and examined your soul, when in fact you were just getting your buttons pushed and your preconceptions reconfirmed."



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