Monday, January 01, 2007

Texas Photos: East and West

marjorie says...

I went to East Texas for almost two weeks for the holiday this year, and because I had so much time I decided to drive. This year I hit bad weather both coming and going, as many people trying to travel cross country found out. Here are a few pictures I took that I especially like. I have droves of family and Christmas shots but these are mainly landscapes of the road trip and of East Texas (you're welcome).

As everyone knows, big trucks are a big part of any roadtrip, especially in inclement weather. You better hang on tight when one of these bad boys cruises past.

Ever since I moved to Albuquerque and regularly drive home, I've been amazed by the beauty of the Texas panhandle. The starkness appeals to me, and the farm economy contributes some very interesting elements to the landscape.

The contrast between the panhandle and East Texas is profound. Whereas one is stark, flat and wide open, the other is lush with rolling hills. But both are farm country. FYI, the sunsets in East Texas are every bit as lovely as those in New just see less of them.

I'm sparing you all the family photos, except for these two of my three youngest nieces. The first is Zoe, the youngest. She had a bad case of static electricity on the trampoline and wasn't too happy that no one would jump with her. The second picture shows Camryn and Mylah running. I like to take pictures of people from behind...its just a thing. With these two that's never a problem because they always seem to be running somewhere.

These next pictures are classic East country, ramshackle stores in railroad hamlets on the verge of extinction, little ponds. The particular pond shown here was dug out by my grandfather, and its where I first learned how to fish for catfish. It's located right around the corner from the tar road intersection in the next picture.

The drive back to New Mexico was brutal. There was an enormous snowstorm after Christmas which closed the very few major roads leading into the state. My return home was delayed by a day, but I feel fortunate that I made it through when I did make the attempt...many others had to stay somewhere on the road yesterday, including my brother. I drove through a sea of whiteness, and at times blowing snow.

When I finally arrived home in the evening on New Year's Eve, I was greeted by a good friend who had made dinner. I thought you all would be amused by the state of our backyard. As you can see the snow is not even ankle deep for cleo and honey. Weird given that the front yard was at least a foot deep if not more, huh? Yep...they had a good time out there. I don't know if kiki joined in the fun...given his height, i can imagine that snow piled higher than he is wasn't his cup of tea really. Since I don't want to leave him he is in the kitchen...

So, if any of you are dying to see the family and christmas pics, just let me know. And if any of you want to hit the slopes at some point this year...let me know that also. It's going to be a great season!


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I love these pictures, Marjorie! Thanks so much for sharing.

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