Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November Horror-scopes

ERIC Francis divines:

ARIES: What you seem to be reaching for is an understanding about some deeply sensitive matters. Nothing we're normally exposed to in our culture, certainly not on television, prepares us for the kinds of discussions that you will have in the coming weeks. It's also fair to say there's no right way to do it. But we could establish some basic guidelines. Nothing is going to be resolved quickly, and by that, I mean in one day or one conversation. Anything that matters will take a few weeks. Also, given all the circumstances, listening counts for more than speaking. The better you listen, the more you'll understand, and the more what you do say will make a difference. But if others do not feel heard, you can be sure that they will not trust what you say. Last, you need to leave a lot of space for misunderstanding, which means everyone has plenty of room to be wrong.

Evolving as an individual is more complicated than upgrading your computer's memory or adding a line to your resume. To the chagrin of control freaks and those who pretend to be alive more than they actually manage to do it, there is a chaos factor involved; and there is a sexual aspect, which is deeply involved with any process of becoming an individual. And there's always a risk. So it's necessary to trust your own higher intelligence in the midst of apparent uncertainty, including about whether you will succeed or fail at any particular effort. If you can do that, you'll tap into something larger than yourself that is expressing itself through you. You've been living with that 'something' for a long time, and it has been trying to acquaint you with itself. You alone can mediate your responses; you decide what value fear holds, and what value freedom holds.

How deep do psychological patterns go? Well, they seem to reach back many generations, but for a version of the story with good practical application, we can learn a lot by considering the years before we learned how to walk. We bumped into a lot of things, people, feelings and experiences in those days. We were picked up and carried around against our will. We had a lot to say but lacked the words to say it. Think of yourself as going through a phase as a cosmic toddler. Notice, over the next few weeks, what just comes to you, what you bump into, and what you are told without having to ask. Notice what seems to pick you up and move you. Apply the metaphor to the contents of your mind. What has been coming to the surface lately, and why does it do such a good job of defying words, or even coherent ideas?


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