Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Moments -- Screw the Movies -- This is about CELEBRITY

Mikaela says:
Loved Jon Stewart. Love love love. His wit and timing translated well into Hollywood glamor. Bring him back! Hear me, Academy? Encore! We even remembered most of his jokes to catch up latecomers. That's pretty good! Especially the "cheap shot" -- ooo, bad pun... -- about Dick Cheney shooting Bjork. Remember?

Loved our "friend of ten years" ... the incomparable Jennifer Aniston. We love you, Jen. We hate Brad and that other woman forever!

Loved Marjorie loving Jessica Alba.

The Quote: "Did you SEE Sin City? She was hot..."

Loved Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep. I'm thinking ... movie time! Sign these ladies up! What a dynamic duo! Something with wacky philosophy a la I Heart Huckabees and the psychological drive of Adaptation...

Mixed reviews on George Clooney. Mags & I swooned. Marjorie howled: "Bullshit, George! That's such fucking BULLshit!" A classic moment all around. Dammit, he's charming. Can't be helped. Totally transitioned to movie star -- without even being all that good! I salute his bravery and his attempts to use his political nature for good. Way to not be afraid of being called liberal!

Across the board approval of JLo. Stunning. Simply stunning. Good god, woman, you are the embodiment of statuesque. Ahem. (Some grumblings of dissention over why she's at the Ocars, though... Hot non-white woman... yeah, that may have something to do with it.) Salma Hayek (so worth the click, trust me!) was a mind-meld love fest as well. But sweet baby jesus lord. That woman's fine!

Samuel Jackson got mixed reviews.:
"Why do you love him?"
"Dude, he even made yoda look cool!"
"Yes, that's saying something..."
Morgan Freeman (with the gorgeous Rachel Weisz) and alone here is untouchable. Classy, smart, and that voice... Uh huh.

Wilson brothers got cheers from the girls and jeers from the boys. Wassup w/ that?

Ben Stiller's green screen got a chuckle out of me and awkward silence from most. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that 1) I loved Zoolander and 2) I just saw Pink Panther... camouflage, anyone?

Loved the science-enhanced ageless Dolly Parton. She had the audience clapping! Smart lady. Taking over Dollywood. I mean, Hollywood.

Funniest moment: Lauren Bacall's stumbling over her lines, and one guest says this, "Who cares? All she has to say is, "Fuck you; I'm Lauren Bacall."


Blogger Maggie said...

My notes from last night:

- No one epitomizes beauty and brilliance like Meryl Streep. She looked *stunning* in that dress.

- Hometown girl advantage warrants further discussion.

- My favorite debate, sparked by the debonaire Clooney: "Clearly, no men were in the room when his career decisions were made" and "So men, who WOULD we choose to represent our gender - King Kong?"

- Toasting the Film Noir bad girls

- Hissing v. Cheering

- Marjorie's cookin'

1:18 PM  
Blogger marjorie said...

i actually think George Clooney is great when he wants to be. but, really, talking about brown nosing...or some kind of self-assumption of hollywood was gross to see him laud hollywood for leading the way, in a cutting edge sense, in landmark social justice causes...such as civil rights. come now, we all know how racist hollywood is. give me a break.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Forgot to mention that our crew LOVED the fake campaign commercials. Are we the Daily Show/negative campaign generation or what?

1:25 PM  
Blogger Miss Tenacity said...

...don't forget the insane anti-DVD propoganda. "Please go to the theaters, please for the luv of gawd...."

Nice comment about Lauren Bacall - I imagine it saved your living room from the awkward silence I felt when watching her. Damn straight she doesn't have to prove herself to anyone anymore...

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Gene said...

...just out from the Guv himself for you Ben Stiller freaks. Is he a "hometown boy," btw?

Governor Bill Richardson Signs Important Film Legislation and Announces Twentieth Century Fox Will Shoot "Used Guys" in Santa Fe

Movie starring Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey will hire over 100 New Mexicans.

"Used Guys" is set in the future when women are running the world and
doing quite a good job of it.

Jay Roach, a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico and a graduate of Eldorado High School is directing and producing. As a filmmaker Jay has earned a reputation of having a magic
comedic touch, having created a string of very funny and successful hits
including: the Austin Powers movies, "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the

On three, " yourselfffff...."

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Gene said...

BTW, os soworth the click for Selma. Wow. I swear I heard her say my "I love Gene," during her microphone time, but it may have been the accent throwing me off...

...BUT, what is with the lack o' love for mid 50's (maybe even late 50's!) Hottie McHottie Diana Ossana?!

Is there some sorta mid/late 30's beauty cut off going on here with the M's (save for Maggie's note on Meryl Streep)?! When you go to The Selma link, click three more down and tell me I'm wrong.

Osaana was easily the Beaty of the Night for me. That voice...yikes.

5:28 PM  
Blogger marjorie said...

come now, we coo'ed over Dolly outrageously. i believe we also noted the beauty of dame judy.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Jessie said...

Damn skippy. Dame Judy just gets better every year.

Sorry to burst your bubble, hon, but she said "Jessie", not "Gene". I could see how you'd make the mistake, though.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Erik Loomis said...

Yes, we need to give Dolly all the props in the world. She's fucking awesome.

She also is right there with Tom Waits and Hazel Dickens as the people who I would love to see play that are still alive and that I haven't seen yet. Maybe they'll all do a package tour to Albuquerque...

11:12 PM  

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