Thursday, March 09, 2006

Traveling for Spring Break?

Maggie says:
Spring Break travels can take many forms.... you can have the alcohol-soaked Cancun trip I did with my college buddies when I was 21 and already way too old for it, or you can do a nerdy grad-school type of trip. Or maybe something that's deliciously a bit of both...

Marjorie's heading off to Utah tomorrow for a fantasy ski vacation. M-pyre friend Erik is heading down to Costa Rica to hang out with a friend who's building a house there.

Since Mikaela and I won't be leaving the cozy boundaries of the Duke City, regale us with your exciting plans so we can live through you. Who's traveling, and to where?

PS: In honor of wild and crazy college fun, my little brother Lane is pictured above. He just graduated from East Carolina University in December and soon, moments like these might be a quaint memory... Congratulations on the big new job, Lane!!!


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