Monday, June 26, 2006

Holy Shit, It's July! Horoscope, anyone?

Brian Francis divines:

ARIES: A moment of hesitation is appropriate at the start of such an important new cycle, where you have most definitely arrived. You may feel a need to balance out your life at the same time balance is precisely the most difficult thing to attain. At the heart of your situation is an emotional matter to sort out, and circumstances are fortunately allowing you some time for retreat and contemplation of what seems like subject matter from the distant past, but really is affecting you in the present place and time. This is not a matter of breaking free, but rather one of making peace with yourself. There will be plenty of time to explore and put this to work in the long run through creative expression, and you'll surely have your moments in the coming weeks where you have to get something out. Just don't forget that that subtle inner level is the place where the healing takes place.

It's time to think big. How big? Big as you like, whatever that means to you. All rules are suspended on matters of scale, proportion, size, and effort as relates to results. Practical concerns take third or fourth place. What now matters is that you consistently apply one thing to any goal or necessity you may have: imagination. The reason the rules are all on hold -- and may well remain that way for a while -- is that creativity is the answer to everything. Creativity is love applied to a specific circumstance, whether it's a house to build, a photo exhibit or making sure your kid gets into the college he or she wants (and paying for it). It's not about how hard you work, but rather, how well you tap into the inner source of cosmic intelligence that is far greater than the whole drama we live here on the physical plane, and for whom this whole dog and pony show is so much watercolor.

VIRGO: You may feel it's time to reactivate an old social network that can be enormously helpful to you at this time in your life. It turns out that the people who took the best care of you in the past have something new to offer, as you aspire to make one of your most important dreams come true. That you're even willing to consider this is a rather large shift of attitude from your sense, not so long ago, that only the worst possibilities were likely. We may well ask what was keeping you up nights, and if I had to guess it was the sense that you faced obstacles that you did not recognize or could not perceive. Once you know what you face, it's much easier to deal with it, but this particular phobic phase seemed to focus on the unknown -- which is precisely the kind of contradiction you were struggling with. In any event, it's time to think about what you're actually doing and creating, and who can help.

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It goes without saying that Brian Francis continues to scare the shit out of me with his insight. Sigh...

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