Sunday, June 04, 2006

Girly-girl news

Maggie says:
What can I say, warm weather brings out my inner girly-girl. When it's cold out all I want are old jeans, sturdy clogs, and wool sweaters. But with the sun I get frilly and leggy and everything that comes along with that. So, in girl news:
  • The Bobbi Brown counter is open at Dillard's. This is fantastic news if you're a diehard fan of unnecessary-yet-critical cosmetics and adore smelling like the sea. As ABQ inches toward something of a retail critical mass, my shopping self wonders what's to come. A Stila counter, perhaps? My wallet trembles in wait...
  • The Inspire salon downtown is catching quite a following. First I blabbed about it. Then Mikaela got the cutest haircut ever. Then Chantal showed up at brunch yesterday all layered and playful. Now the word's out on Duke City Fix, too. So what are you waiting for? Go see Chris and his scissors. And tell him the three of us recommended him - I think he's getting a kick out of this little blogging following he has now.
  • A friend recently posited that if you see cute shoes in this town, you know they weren't bought here. Ouch. But I say, cute shoes are around town if you're patient, persistent, and lucky. Now why haven't I been to Ruby Shoesday yet? Their adorable website is begging me to come visit.
  • Guess who joined up with a fab friend to create a party theme around A) a weird holiday where no one has fun plans except kids, B) the fact that said friend will have leftover hay in her backyard on said holiday, and C) my sighting of an obnoxious cutesy/trashy, "where the hell would you ever wear that, anyway?" gingham top while shopping last week? Yep, me. I think preposterous party ideas should be my new specialty.


Anonymous Sophie said...

Bobbi Brown!

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Hermine said...

I love that car! What a sweetie!<3

2:41 AM  

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