Saturday, April 15, 2006

Girl alert

Maggie says:
Just got a haircut and I must gossip about it.

Inspire, the new Bumble + Bumble salon downtown on Central, is awesome.

They're the cutely renovated green storefront between Lindy's and the Bubble Lounge, just west of 5th.

Chris, the owner/operator/master stylist, is a doll.

And he's not terribly expensive, like my former haircutting flame, either.

They've only been open two weeks and could use some friendly business. Bonus: they're open until 10 on Friday and Saturday nights, perfect for having a drink with the girls and then all going to get your hair cut. Or cheering on that one friend who you all know needs to chop off her locks but will only do so if you get her drunk first.

Check out the plastered walls inside, too. Also Chris' handiwork. (Did I mention he did the exterior himself?)

Okay, done with my gushing. But go! Fabulous haircuts and fun conversation await you!


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