Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Random musings

Maggie says:
I love how m-pyrical can be a catch basin for all the goofy thoughts running around in my head. Here we go:

  • There is nothing I distrust more than a glass coffee mug. It's so unnatural and strange! Cold, transparent glass filled with hot, rich coffee? It doesn't make sense! The glass becomes too hot, the coffee becomes too cold. It's jarring to see hot coffee through a glass. Coffee is supposed to be surrounded by ceramic warmth from the coffee pot to your mouth. If you regularly drink from - or worse, serve coffee in - glass coffee mugs, I will never really like you.
  • I recently overheard someone saying that she has nine cats. When her companion seemed a little shocked, her response was, "I know! I used to have 35!" Hoarder, anyone?
  • I think Virgos get a bad rap. One of our lovely Ms is one, but this isn't just about sticking up for her. I have been in more conversations than I can count with entirely different groups of people where someone will say, "Oh, and she/he's a Virgo" and then everyone's eyes start to roll, followed by a knowing "Ohhhhh....." Come on, people! Can poor Virgos really be that untouchable? I mean, sure, they have issues, but don't we all? I think we need to give them a break!
  • I finally saw - and adore, adore, adore - The Station Agent. It features the best representation of one of my-all time favorite character types: "the obnoxious community-builder."
  • We really, really, really need a new Pearl's Dive. I've now spent three different nights wandering aimlessly downtown with friends searching for that elusive food + drink + wallet-friendly dive that will replace our forever beloved (and now closed) hangout. Sigh...
  • This is going to sound terribly bitchy, and it is, but I swear the best birth control I've ever known is to simply go to Old Navy on a weekend. Shouldn't we be taking teenage girls there by the bus full? I have actually left the store twice because of screaming, running-around crazy children with parents just tuning them out. I can't take it! It's not that worth it to find a so-cheap-it'll-fall-apart-in-a-year-but-hey-I-need-a-new- shirt-for-tonight purchase.
  • I went to the Albuquerque the Magazine anniversary party at Seasons the other night and was a little shocked. So this is where all the well-dressed folks in Albuquerque are! I had no idea that women in town actually use double-sided tape for fashion purposes! Where did they buy all those great dresses?! And why did it not occur to me to wear something besides jeans?!
  • I have an irrational fear of putting air in my tires. Why?! What's the worst that could possibly happen?! I have no idea, but I keep avoiding the gas station like it's Marty's reelection headquarters or something. Lame.


Blogger marjorie said...

1. oh,, so intolerant of those poor coffee out of a glass types.
2. gross.
3. for me it will always and forever be the taurus...want to see how fast i can run??
4. need to see that.
5. yes, it is entirely lamentable. really, a tragedy.
6. i wanna go.
7. you've been hanging with me too long. thanks for not taking me to that.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Oops, I added the tire thing after your comment. I love your comments, Marjorie. "Want to see how fast I can run?!" is a new classic.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Sophie said...

maggie, sweetie:

Go to Big O Tires on Central at San Mateo. The very attentive gentlemen who work there will review the tire-filling thing with you at no charge.

7:47 AM  

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