Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Preparing for May

Brian Francis warns:

MAGGIE (Aries): One theme of your chart for the past 18 months has been becoming what you've previously sought outside yourself. In a way, this involves embodying your opposite personality, or opposite qualities. You may want to notice what you seek in others for their soulmate qualities and observe the way you are striving to become these things as well. What you may notice about this process is that it rearranges your dependency patterns. You may decide you need people for some things you never considered before, and don't need them for others that you had considered many times. You may also be feeling independent enough to decide that keeping the peace is not as important to you as it was last week or last month, and you do run the risk of provoking conflict with domestic or intimate partners, particularly if you get the feeling they are keeping score of your transgressions. Proceed with caution.

MARJORIE (Cancer): This is a time to make some significant progress in your life, and to arrange your priorities in a way that makes some sense. It's clear that the themes of marriage, commitment and fidelity are high on your agenda, as if you've become a miner for a heart of gold. It's also true that as much as people say they want these things, most are rarely able to buck up the honesty that it takes to convey that message in deeds rather than words. I suggest you judge people on the messages of their actions rather than what they say. To do that, you're going to need to listen differently for a while, through observation rather than chatter. Remember that if something happens twice, it's probably a coincidence. If it happens three times, it's a pattern. This counts for your actions as well as those of others. Pay attention and see what you notice.

MIKAELA (Virgo): You seem to be hatching your plot to change the world. It's a big one, and there are those times when you resemble a canary sitting on a goose egg. A whole series of recent episodes gave you some indication of what is possible in life, and what the world has to offer, but I think you're working on something better, something entirely of your own design, and which genuinely expresses the new values you've been developing for so long. But I suggest you not fancy yourself too independent from the world or its influences, because you need them. And I suggest that you remember there's always a bit of the old in what is truly new and innovative. A certain daring individual from your past who you now work with will soon help you bridge the ever-elusive gap between today and tomorrow. Don't be fooled by their off-putting demeanor or excess charisma. This person is for real.


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no shit. but, brian, i ENJOY not noticing a guy's actions...that way i don't have to be healthy.

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