Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Warning: Serious Pee--n-Pants Hilarity

Mikaela snorts:
I haven't been on Threadbared in a while. O Lordy. I could not keep the giggles in this morning. My office already complains I'm loud; now they can complain I'm shiftless, too!

Used Panty-hose Week made my month. Thanks, Threadbared!

See March 27-31, 2006. Guffaws commence here.

[On your right] we have a life-sized pantyhose “companion doll.” And yes, that really is as sad as it sounds.

She’s fully clothed, thank god, but disturbing nonetheless. Even more frightening is the book’s description of her as “a good listener and a steady companion.”


Hey, who are we to judge? The doll could have a great personality for all we know. And if not, well….at least she has an enormous set of knockers.


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