Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How the Other Half Lived -- 48/48 Hours

Penfold Five [Mysterious Non-M Friend] says:

[While Mikaela was sleeping,] I went and checked on the second half of the Duke City Shootout – 48 Hour Film Project Movies on Tuesday Night.

Event Recap: The 48 Hour Film Project takes place in many cities nationwide and made its debut in Albuquerque this year. Teams have 48 hours to make their movie, given only a genre, a prop, a line of dialogue, and a character.

This year, the genres varied, the prop was a bell, the line was something like “would you like to come up to my place,” and the character was Larry or Linda Martinez – Pack Rat.

The movies made by the 48 Hour Film Project Teams were broken up into two nights [Monday and Tuesday, see list in posts below]. The winner will go on to compete against the other Shootout movies for the Palm de Grease. That winner will be announced on Saturday the 29th at the Gala Event [Kiva Auditorium, 7 pm, tickets $20 – or wait and take your chances in a little competition on m-pyre later this week…] But there’s also an audience choice award.

The movies in order of viewing:




"The Movie About the Movie…"

Team Pocket Goat

Holiday Film


Red Starr

Road Movie


Magellicutty Global



UYL Productions


"Helping Hans"

Flower Power

Family Film

"In Linda's Heels"

Eyes Watching Eyes


"Some View"

Architects of Elsewhere


"At the Seams"

Spork Films


"Recycle Ranch"

New Mexicast


"The Chest"

Los Chupacabras


"A Taste of Rita"

The Sunday Shooting Club

Family Film

"Advenures of Linda Martinez…"



Tuesday Night:

I had no idea what I was getting myself into as I stood in line at the Guild Cinema, but I was emboldened by the sight of so many people standing in line for films made with no budget in no time. In fact, there were so many people waiting to get in that they filled the sidewalk in front of the Guild.

(To the bitchy bicyclist that ran over my toe as she muttered obscenities and tried to get through the excited crowd I say, “Lock up your bike and come see a movie or just GO AROUND!”)

The three movies that got my attention were:

Recycle Ranch– my horror gradually turned to heartache as I watched this surprisingly subtle take on domestic violence and the many versions of love in the world.

A Taste of Rita– armageddon and cannabilism delightfully paired with a side of San Pelligrino – yum.

At the Seams– I was torn between this one and the sweet, delighful “Helping Hans.” But in the end this fashion industry mockumentary with a fall preview as Roosevelt Park sucked me in. This one gets my vote for best use of bell.

Best Actor – Gene Grant’s turn as a homeless man in what can only be described as an aluminum foil horn helmet.

There was a Q & A at the end where the audience got to see and hear from all the directors – I was once again overwhelmed and humbled by the talent and energy of our fair city. Congratulations to all the participants and good luck.

What to do with yourself now that the 48-Hour Movies are all shown:
There’s a ton more Shootout events going on today through Saturday – go to the website for all the info.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, looking for something else, I stumbled across this nearly a year late. I just want to say thanks for the kind words about my film.

I'm Adam, lead for Spork Films that made At the Seams. 48 is coming up again in July.

I really like your coverage of last year's goings on. We'll see what happens this time around...

6:16 PM  

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