Monday, July 24, 2006

What you should be doing tonight and tomorrow... (i.e. The Next 48 Hours)

Mikaela shouts:
Watching locally-made movies! At an independently owned theatre! In one of the best neighborhoods in Albuquerque! As part of the exciting 48-Hour Film Festival!

The 24 (or so) teams that received their assigned genres Friday night at 6 pm turned their completed 4-7 minute movies in last night at 7:30!

Now you can see them all!

They're being shown in 2 stages:
Monday (shows at 7 & 9): Group A
or Tuesday (ditto): Group B.
All at the Guild Cinema.
$7 (but sure to sell out, so HURRY!)

You'll see everything from horror to silent movie to mockumentary to romance. All of them local. All of them created by crewmembers related to someone you know (come on, this is Albuquerque, afterall).

This contest really is extraordinary. Not only does each crew pick a different genre at random out of a hat (really!), but each movie has to incorporate the line, "Do you want to come up to my place?" There's some other little thing, too, that I can't remember.

So after getting the assignment at 7 pm Friday, crews write all night, film all day Saturday, edit all day Sunday, and race to the finish (quite literally! I spectated -- very exciting -- there really is such a thing as the "mad dash"!) to turn in their movies by 7:30, when there is an honest-to-god countdown.

Don't take my (spectacular) word for it. Here's a hilarious account from one of this year's teams.

See you at the movies!

Here's the list:

Group A: Monday (7 or 9 pm)

All The Elf-King’s Men, David Curtin
CSF, Malik Daniels
Digital Pirates, Ramona Teo
EyeCandy, Wayne Welander
Lost Puppy Productions, Gabriel DellaVecchia
Magic Mini, Thomas McGill
Rosebud, ron salzberg
Sofa King We Todd Ed, Matt Vencill
There is no I in TEAM!, Ross Kelly
Twenty Eight 80, David Quintana

Group B: (Tuesday, 7 or 9 pm)

Architects of Elsewhere, Andre Ross
Cousins United!!!, Sheldon Richards
Eyes Watching Eyes, Michael Amedeo
Los Chupacabras, Diego Romero
Magellicutty Global, Micheal Rosenberg
New Mexicast, Rosa Linda Roman
Red Starr, Chris Alan
Spork Films, Adam Hevey
Team Pocket Goat, Anthony Pena
The Sunday Shooting Club, Mary Holyoke
UYL Productions, Derek Bensonhaver
Manawa, Jeremiah Bitsui


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