Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oh to have Bravo

Mikaela says:
Full disclosure: I used to be a tv junkie. Growing up, I knew the nightly lineup on every channel. I was a walking TV Guide, able to sing advertising jingles and theme show songs on demand. I used to drive my family crazy walking through the supermarket, tarzan-ing my way from product to product with word-for-word mimicking of each ad.

These days, I watch TV on DVD, and even that is only when friends thrust them into my hands (Sex and the City in the main).

The last time I was hooked on a show was two years ago, dating a guy with cable and hence... Bravo. Bravo! Home of West Wing re-runs and ... drumroll ... Project Runway, the worst tv addiction of all time!

Who cares about fashion? Who hates reality tv? Doesn't matter. This show will get to you, I swear it. If you want to maintain the dignity of not rushing home on certain nights, or rearranging your schedule around a stupid tv show, don't start watching.

Season Three is about to premier. I saw Season One only. Even my boyfriend was hooked. This one looks even better, with Kate Spade added to the judges, and a cast made up of even more talented and sophisticated contestants. Oofda.

Maybe it's good I don't have cable.

But can I wait for the DVD?

Shameless hint: Sure would be a good show to assemble a group of friends to make a social occasion out of it (the only truly acceptable way of watching tv, in my humble opinion)...


Blogger mjae said...

Maggie reported that it's also on NBC. I'd forgotten about that little hookup.

I'm thinking: girl night!

Which night again?

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Heather said...

I feel your pain Mikaela! One would think moving from Charlotte to Raleigh and still having the same cable provider, the channels would be the same. No such luck! Raleigh Time Warner Cable does not carry Bravo! UGH! I caught the premiere episode on NBC but they haven't shown any additional episodes. FYI - on, cutie pie Nick Verreos from last season is posting a weekly blog dishing about that week's show. I'll take what I can get!

3:06 PM  

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