Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday "pretending I'm not at the office" music

Maggie says:
In my continuing series on music to listen to at work, I offer John Legend's Get Lifted as the best-ever CD to blast in your headphones on a day like today. It just might trick you into thinking you're doing something fun on a beautiful Sunday afternoon instead of sitting in your artificially climate-controlled office without any real light to speak of. It might. Sigh...

This CD is also perfect for long roadtrips with girlfriends (we obsessed over it last month at the beach), getting ready to go out, and needing to get in a good mood quickly. As long as you're okay with songs full of infidelity and can laugh at Snoop's oh-so-serious proclamations of commitment, this is a CD everyone can love.

John Legend also provides another at-work inspiration. My favorite-ever episode of Martha Stewart featured him cooking his famous baked macaroni and cheese wearing a tight orange sweater. Now that is a sigh-worthy memory...

"Good Lord, you got body for days..."


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